Fitness Classes & Training

Fitness Programs Available include:

Group Classes:

Doing Group Classes for fitness training is ideal for those of us who want to keep fit, but lack the motivation to go it alone. The supreme benefit of group exercise classes is that you exercise along side others, who keep your interest high. Don’t worry there are all levels of fitness in these classes. You can find your level of comfort and take it from there. Everyone is friendly and helpful, from the instructor to the class members. We want you to have fun as well as get fit.  For our Gym Time Table of classes available click here.

man lift weighted bar at gym   Group Power:  Doing Group Power you can have a lot fun, while gaining strength at the same time.  The class is done with weights, set to lively music. Each high repetition exercise targets one of the major muscle groups in the body, from your calves to your shoulders. The one hour session is a perfect workout, to gain strength and bulk  for those who are pressed for time.

man riding bike at the gym   Group Ride:  Is the perfect marriage between a fantastic Cardio workout, and a Calorie burn. You can set the level of the intensity of your workout, by adjusting the resistance on your bike. Then join the group ride climbing, sprinting and then take a well earned rest coasting, with your group.

fitness classes at gym   Group Active: This 60 minute class covers the lot. It’s the optimum mix of cardio, balance, strength and flexibility. If you are rushed for time, and want to the maximum benefit in the least time, then this class done twice per week to will move you into the fitness zone, in no time.

yoga and Pilates class at gym   Group Centergy: Is where mind and body connect. The 60 minute class pairs the merits of Yoga and Pilates, bringing together a potent combination, to improve your balance, flexibility, mobility and core. The class is set to mood enhancing music, which transports into a relaxed state of mind.

The Quarry Crossfit  Cross-fit: The Quarry Crossfit Outdoor Box training area all levels welcome. Fully qualified coaches that love what they do. Great community feel you will be made to feel welcome. Constantly varied workouts that suit all levels.

Heart Moves: For the More Mature Member

Age is not a barrier to gaining the salutary benefits of exercise. It has been shown time and time again that exercise helps maintain our strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and cognitive functions, as we enter our latter years, well above the advantages gained from medicines or any other method. This class is purpose built with an older person in mind (60yrs and above).  It involves gentle but targeted exercises at a slower pace. If want to live life to the full, enjoy your grandchildren and travel, then this class is a must for you.

Taylor Made Fitness, Sport & Injury Recovery Programs

➡  We offer personal training;  one on one, or one on two training sessions, where each session is designed specifically for you and your particular fitness goals.

➡  For clients who can work on their own, we can create a comprehensive program with your individual goals in mind. The training program is downloadable to your phone, so that you can view it while you’re working out.  These training programs are ideal for those training for a particular sport or have injuries which can be rehabilitated by exercise, enabling you to return to the activities and sports that you love.

For more details, please speak to Rod (Moruya Gym). Phone 02 4474 3991.  He’d love to hear from you.